Private Label

Customize Your Business Relationships

We offer a white label solution for premium publishers who have established sales infrastructures and want the ability to sell their advertisers into a pay-per-click marketplace program.

Take Control of Your Marketplace Program

Publishers set the categories and minimum bids for advertisers.
Publishers control the look and feel of the ad listings within their Web sites.
Publishers generate incremental revenue.
Publishers augment their online ad sales efforts.


Leverage The Quality Of Your Brand

Our site specific program for publishers with premium branded content commands a higher PPC from advertisers. Advertisers have an affinity towards quality brands and are willing to pay for that traffic.

Improve Ad Relevancy

IndustryBrains uses a five star relevancy ranking system to serve the most relevant ad onto category-focused publisher content pages. Ad serving is optimized based on relevance, performance, and price per click to maximize your Web site's revenue potential. When ads are more relevant, users are more likely to click on them.

Create Greater Value for Your Users

Relevant text ads are resources that ultimately make your Web site a more trusted resource for customers since they only view ads that are relevant to their own interests.

Customize Your Ad Units

Control the look and feel of the creative units on your Web pages. Our online publisher layout wizard can easily customize listing and ad unit display for optimal performance.

Detailed Account Management Tools

Real-time tracking and reporting tools help publishers maintain strong advertiser relationships and optimize the performance of the marketplace program to generate additional revenue.